An award

I’ve been nominated for the versatile blogger award by two people – Diabetic Redemption and Conversingwithnovels. It’s the first time I’ve been nominated (I didn’t even know it existed!), so to be put forward twice in the same week is a nice surprise. Thank you!


1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this award along  to 15 recently discovered blogs you enjoy reading.
4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

Seven things

1: I’m currently obsessed with Frijj sticky toffee pudding milkshake.

2: I have pictures on my bedroom walls of The Wee Free Men from Terry Pratchett novels, an ordnance survey map of Roman Britain, and a promotional poster for Pink Floyd The Wall.
3: I just started biting my nails again, after giving it up in childhood.
4: I have a few ideas for projects. I’m not very motivated, so it’s a big thing for me. I want to make a steampunk Scrabble board and computer mouse, and I want to learn to make piercing jewellery with a lathe. If S and I get the house we’re hopefully moving into, it has a large garage out back which we’re planning on using as a workshop. I’ve never worked with tools before, and I want to give it a go. Making jewellery appeals to me too, and I could incorporate my knitting.
5: The phrase “pet hate” makes me sick.
6: I hate the smell of petrol, but love the smell of tarmac (I’ve been known to follow a tar truck around). I also adore the smell of Lenor fabric softener – the one in the blue bottle – it’s divine.
7: I used to steal things from shops. CDs. Books. Makeup. Clothes. For two years, I was stealing from places like Woolworths, Andy’s Records and Our Price. All these places went into administration. I blame myself.

15 blogs

I’m unsure if I’m allowed to nominate those who nominated me, but I would certainly advise visiting both their blogs (linked at the top of post). Both are wonderful people, who have given me such encouragement over the past couple of months.

1. Slavenphotography.

I only discovered this blog a short while ago, and have fallen in love with the photographs.

2. Madamfickle.

“I also have the “Truman Show” moments.  Except it’s the Madam Fickle Show and I’m the star.  If I’m not interacting with you, you don’t exist in my reality.  You come in, say your line and leave.  Then I really don’t think about you after that.  Not that I don’t care about you.  I do, when we are together.  I may like you, I may despise you.  But out of sight, out of mind as the saying goes.  So does that mean you don’t exist when you’re not with me?”

3. Worthwhile Treasure

Although our beliefs are different, I feel I have a lot in common with this blogger, and really enjoy her writing style.

4. Manic Planet – Living Bipolar

“I’m owning the diagnosis of bipolar disorder through mindfulness, self-care and a sense of humor. I’ve learned a few things I’ll share – you can take what you need and leave the rest.

“What you resist, persists & what you fight, you strengthen.”
Carl Jung”

5. Booguloo

One of my favourite blogs.

6. James Claims

A blogger I very much admire; his descriptions of his experiences are so full of truth, and he often echoes my own thoughts.

7. True Womanifesto

“I need to forgive my Mother for never believing in my decisions. I need to forgive her for always making me feel like my efforts aren’t good enough and that she always knows what’s better. I need to forgive her for always acting like my sister was more important and more capable of making her own decisions.  I need to move forward from this.”

8. Go Jenzy!

“With that said, I have made a very conscious decision that I need to correct this self-destructive behaviour, not only before it’s too late, but before it rubs off on my kids. My kids are my EVERYTHING and without them, I’m nothing.

I hope that the phrase ‘Better late than never‘ is acceptable one for me to be using. ♥”

9. Beautiful & Distracted

Gorgeous layout, and really playful, sincere writing.

10. Marbles In My Pocket

A lovely mish-mash of lots of things, and a lovely commenter.

11. Annegreye

“It was about 6 years ago now. I was with this guy and at the time, I thought he was awesome. He was my first serious boyfriend and I was very excited because it was evident that he liked me. I didn’t have to do any type of digging to find that out, but it wasn’t so obvious to the point I wanted to vomit, either. “

Honest and very well-written, like a story.

12. Anonymousteenager

Again, honest. Often brutally so, but really engrossing to read.

13. elizadolly

“This blog is about my recovery.”

If I ever had a secret twin, I think perhaps it is eliza.

14. Ventôse

Another secret twin of mine. Considering English is not her first language, she has a beautiful way with words.

15. The Quiet Borderline

“The dreaded question again. It came around to me and the nurse asked how I was. I said I wasn’t doing great and currently have a lot of anxiety. She asked me if I have anxiety whilst sitting here in the group, to confirm, and I said yes, it causes me to get anxiety. I went totally red in the face and it was really difficult but I did it. And I thought that honesty is the best policy, everyone keeps telling me that I am not open and honest enough about my feelings, so ha, put that in your pipe and smoke it. I couldn’t do any more than that.”

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  1. Congrats on being nominated and thank you so much for sharing the love. :0) I woke up to this and it really made my day. I have been in a great mood! Again, thank you! I never thought that anyone would read my blog, let alone pass something like this along to me! WOW! I feel great!

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  4. Congratulations and thank you for your nomination and thank you for the comment on my last blog-entry. (I am a bit better now.) Your words really mean something to me – the words on your blog (so beautiful and I can relate to what you write so often) and your kind comment on my blog.

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