1. Love it!! When I was laid off from my job last year I dyed mine purple, which then faded to a pink. But I definitely loved it while I had it. … I wish I didn’t work a regular 9 – 5 now, so that I could dye it again.

  2. Love from cloudy Maine! I love it, what else can I say. I genuinely think pink goes with your eyes and skin. Good for you! What does Mother think of that? I hope you are well and happy. I’m dashing out the door for a barbecue with some friends. I love it, and I don’t always go for bright colors, so you must know how great it looks, if I say it’s perfect!! Oh, and lovely eyes, as always, and I get to see a piece of your nose! Hooray for your courage — you are the bomb, my girlfriend! 8-) 8-) 8-) ;)

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