Confession #1

A few years ago, I took part in a project online. The set-up was very much like PostSecret, but instead of being posted on an anonymous website, the images were posted on a web community I was a member of. No names were given out, but we knew that, chances were, the secrets we were reading belonged to somebody we cared about, or communicated with regularly.

Occasionally, I’ll post my confessions. I said No Secrets when I started this blog, so I have to stick to that.


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  1. Dear friend,
    You’ve managed to bring to the surface your deepest emotions and thoughts in your poems and STORIES. The best thing about it, you do it in a most clear and elegant way. If I may say, just like me, you know how to present your heart using poetry, but, right there, in your heart, you are a prose writer. Your stories are just like pictures. When I read them, I see the scene, the people, the emotions. You write so real, so true to life. Please, continue writing them. Love and admiration to you,



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