3rd September, 2008

Facing miles out to sea
with a distance between us I can’t bear,
I look at you now, someone I barely know,
reaching out but you’re not there.
Someone I thought had all the answers,
I could never imagine you’d become estranged,
sitting so close, rain on the windscreen,
heads tilted back, everything’s changed.

Watching lightning across the sky
with unsaid words caught with my breath,
and who would have thought you’d break my heart?
I was the last one to know, the last one to guess.
Someone I thought I could depend on,
was the one person who took it all away,
a few simple words, you crushed my world,
you look at me now and have nothing to say.

Weathering storms, I thought you’d attempt
to give me a chance and forgive me once more,
and what have I done? I no longer know,
what you’re tearing my life apart for.
I hold onto you, knowing you won’t respond,
remembering words with a bitter taste,
wishing I didn’t love you this much
now all those feelings have gone to waste.

Facing miles out to sea
with tears in my eyes and your kiss on my lips,
your every word creating a contradiction,
can we ever hope to recover from this?
I hold onto faith as you drive me home,
rain on the windows and storm clouds above,
I can’t find the way to say all those words,
I love you,
I need you,
I’d be lost without you,

(c) 2008

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  1. Tough, raw, real. Heartbreaking read. I thank you for sharing this. As an aside, I have struggled hugely in my late twenties/early thirties with severe CFS which is close to FM and has many mental symptoms also (can have, and I had). Things are much much better now but I’m still working on 100% recovery.




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