Untitled Poem

I still remember that day
With a strange, bitter clarity
Six years to the day
I doubt you remember as well as I

These are the same hands
You tied up
These are the same eyes
Which were too afraid to cry
This is the same voice
Which has always been too afraid to speak.

I still remember that day
Staring at the faded blue curtains
At the chewing gum walked into the floor
For something to focus on.

And you… you who thought you owned me
You, who thought you destroyed me.
You, the man who broke me.
…I still remember that day

(c) 2006.

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  1. Courageous lady, I just wanted to let you know that I will be featuring your poem as Poem of the Week on Jingle Poetry Potluck. It will be posted this evening at 6 PM PDT. I admire your talent and ability to take life’s challenges and challenge them into creativity. I can understand you wanting to remain anonymous but if there’s anything about yourself you’d like our poetry community to know, please e-mail me. Blessings to you. Victoria


  2. Thank you very much for looking around and commenting! It’s a fantastic outlet; I never thought it would become my own personal counsellor. It helps me work out my problems, they always make more sense when I’ve written them down. Just knowing somebody is reading is motivation for me to carry on.


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