I couldn’t sleep tonight.

My body willing,
but my mind refusing to rest.

My greatest enemy was always myself,
and, right now,
I don’t feel safe.

my pillows feel too warm
and I can’t shake the anger,
I can’t let this lie.

I write words to keep me from the corner,
I refuse to go back there.

Tonight, I feel weak.

Twice, I consider calling you,
twice, I wonder if the promise was ever that important,
twice, I pace the floor,
avoiding my outlet.

I should have outgrown this.

I should know the abuse is no friend of mine.

… at 1.38am, does that really matter?

I hold my head in my hands,
talk to myself,
act that little bit crazy.

I can’t sleep tonight,
bitter taste in my mouth and too many memories.

I trace my scars in the dark,
reminding myself why I can’t go there again.

I was always my worst enemy –
denial just doesn’t work anymore.

I left the light on tonight

… nothing else works anymore.

(c)  2008.

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  1. Gosh, there is one line in this poem that blows me away and that is, “I left the light on tonight.” This creates such a big open window to the reader of a turning in your content! It fills me with the sense that there is a way out! Great poem!

    Sometimes the unconscious things we do tell us everything we need to know.


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