Good and bad

Today was a mixture of good and bad. Bad; being woken up by my mother after another almost sleepless night. Good; finding a necklace I’ve been eyeing up for a while had been reduced to half price. Bad; forgetting to pick my antidepressant prescription up. Good; S called me, just to say hello. Bad; stuffing my face with cake. Good; the Metformin I’ve been on for three days (to counteract the PCOS symptoms) has given me an upset stomach, so I’m still going to lose a small amount of weight. Bad; listening to my mother arguing with my sister (W) on the ‘phone about my stepfather’s ashes.

He died over a year ago, and the family is still torn apart over it. Why can’t they understand that he’s not contained in those ashes; that wherever he is, won’t be where it’s decided to put them? We’ve lost enough over the years, why do we need to fall out over something like this?

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  1. Hey, i also have PCOS. and BPD also. Tho i dont believe in BPD tbh. We seem to be the same jumble of disorders. I was just wondering, if you could find the time to email me aboutt he meds you take for PCOS? i wasnt aware there were any that could help. Email addy is on my ‘About’ page. Thanks :) xxxxxxxxxxxx


  2. Hi, I’ll email you but will reply here as well.

    I take Metformin, 500mg three times a day. It’s a drug for diabetes, but some people think it helps regulate insulin in women with PCOS, so could possibly help the symptoms. I’ve seen a real improvement in most symptoms whilst taking it.

    I’m interested what you think about BPD.


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