10 Day You Challenge – nine loves

1. Knitting. I know it still has a bit of a bad reputation for being a granny sport despite the now fashionable status of it, but I love it. I love the repetition and the satisfaction of the end result. I love knowing I’ve created something, it makes me feel worthy. I love wearing my own hats and scarves.

2. Music. It’s a popular answer to these questions, but I really do adore music of all kinds. My tastes lean towards electronic, dub, new wave and acoustic, but I can honestly say that there isn’t a genre I don’t have some appreciation for. Key moments in my life have a soundtrack; music was my first love. I adore discovering new artists and songs.

3. Cannabis. I know the inevitable links between mental illness and pot are now going through your head. All I can say in my defense is that without it, I would be unable to do so, so much. The pain-relieving properties are undeniable, and medication for anxiety can only do so much if you’ve suffered it all your life. Mental illness, for me, came way before I even knew what drugs were.

4. Smoking. I also love smoking; the feel of smoke going into my lungs feels natural somehow. I never claimed to be the healthiest person.

5. Autumn. I love everything about this season; the colours are fantastic. I enjoy few things more than crunching through leaves on a sunny, cold day. Being able to cover up in coats and hats helps enormously with body image issues.

6. Sleep and dreaming; I live for my dreams.

7. Sci-fi and horror films, especially monster movies like Alien and The Thing. Sci-fi can be looked down on but when it’s done well, it’s done brilliantly. I’m not keen on slasher movies; not because they scare me, but for the opposite reason. I prefer the fear of the unknown.

8. Terry Pratchett, the Discworld series especially. I treasure my Discworld collection and have number of maps waiting to be framed in the house S and I are hopefully gettting next year.

9. John Frieda Frizz-Eaze products. I don’t know how I ever lived without them.

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  1. I love autumn too. I especially love when all that pink and white blossom falls out of trees and onto the ground. I love the colours of the leaves, i love sun and cold together. :) i REALLY WANT TO LEARN HOW TO KNIT!!!!!!!!! im all inpired now, may follow your lead on the ten day challenge xx


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