Llandudno Beach

You stroked your hands across my back
As I remembered pebbles on the beach
How your mouth tasted of salt and sea
How for a moment, it was just you and me.

Stones beneath our feet that day
Words carried away on the wind
We could see right to the edge of the sky
Hand in hand, you and I.

You held me close as tears fell
But you felt so far away
Taste of the ocean in my eyes,
You tasted every tear I cried.

A memory of crashing waves
I still hear the seagulls cry
I look at you now with fear on my face
Wanting only to be back in that place.

And now pebbles shift beneath our feet
Sinking sand keeps us miles apart
I reach to you but you turn away
As though nothing happened betweeen us that day.

On the beach where pebbles grow
Where the waves whisper our names
On that beach, on that day
I loved you in every possible way.

I love you now as I loved you then
And though the pebbles have worn smooth
Eroded by our years together
Pebbles, like beaches, can still last forever.

(c) 2008.

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  1. Pebbles ,like beaches can last forever.
    –A perfect ending to a perfect poem if there ever ws one.I like the theme of being separated from the rest of the world and being together with the other person yet alone.
    Very very nice,though it’s a sad poem.
    I love it.Thanks. :-)


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