When I am with you there’s no reason to pretend that when I am with you I feel flames again

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  1. I am feeling somewhat like a voyeur reading these posts with the love messages to whomever he is. Does it make you uncomfortable knowing that your privacy is somewhat invaded by strangers? Or does the fact that most are strangers make the invasion unimportant?
    That is usually how I feel about the blogging…it’s public not private, but mostly strangers reading my private thoughts and feelings so I’m more comfortable than trying to share those thoughts and feelings with people that know me. However, as I so painfully found out on the week-end, I am easily found by people that know me and that upset me far more than it should have.


  2. I don’t often comment, I don’t want to intrude on your life. Your posts make so much sense. Things may be bad, but you’re honest about it. And I wanted to thank you for posting this Vast track – never heard of them before, but just spent the last 2 hours listening to them on youtube. They make a lot of sense too.
    Take it easy x


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