We might kiss when we are alone, when nobody’s watching

Today, life is good. I won’t write a long entry because the keyboard on my laptop is sticking; my own fault for jamming the keys with tobacco. For the same reason, I haven’t replied to comments, but I’ve read them all and perhaps tomorrow I’ll see if I can unclog the keys.

S took me for a meal at my favourite pub tonight. We got tipsy on red wine (my lips are still stained) and I got fat on tiramisu cheesecake. I’ve been smiling ever since. We talked about moving in together and about our future. Our future.

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  1. Yum! Tiramisu Cheesecake and good red wine with a person you love to spend time with! Sounds like a perfect day to me! Take your steps however they feel comfortable. Don’t make em stress. They require thought…pros/cons///but in the end…its the heart. If its real, then jump on it…if in the future it fumbles, then you’ve gained some love memories, good times, and the knowledge of what you do and don’t want in your next relationship! When you find the right one, you know it in your soul…even if they mess up here and there…you know their moral compass…if they treat you so well, but forget to close the toilet seat…not a big deal in the grand scheme of things…lol.

    You are a smart and strong young woman. You have to deal with things that others don’t and that has added new character to your world, made you a more interesting woman to know.

    I for one am thrilled to have found you on here and think you are a brave and inpiring young lady who i helping people deal with things that not very many people like to talk aobut! I peronally can scream it from roof tops…I’m not ashamed! It’s the body…the body does gross stuff to keep moving….so what?

    Anyway…thanks for your blog…thank for reading mine…Try to enjoy the company of turkey day, eat what u can and stay away from wat u can’t. enjoy the family n friends, play games, have everyone write down wat their thankful for…YOU HAVE FUN and RELAX!


  2. I really feel out of place here considering I’m a pre-teen, but I love your blog. You remind me of myself in a way, & also my friend. I hope your life continues to be good, & you and S have a wonderful future. & I wonder what tiramisu cheesecake tastes like… (:

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. I had a homework assignment this week to spend 2 hours alone doing something I enjoy. I’ve spent at least an hour reading over your blog and I’m counting it as doing my homework, so I thank you! You are a beautiful writer. You deserve happiness. Share your letter with S.


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