We’ve Changed

All these emotions
Are now leaving
Everything I thought
I believed in
Replaced by someone
Something new
A different me
A different you.

You don’t look
The same
Your touch
Has changed
Your eyes
Are now colder
Your face
Is now older.

I feel
Your skin
But it’s not you
I feel
Your touch
But it’s changed
So much
I taste
Your kiss
But these aren’t
Your lips
You have changed
And I’m not
The same
person I was
I shut her out
I closed the door
I resented her
She had to go
I left behind
Everything I know.

I look at you
In tears
I swallow
My fears
I know
We’ve both changed
But you’re just
Not the same.

And while I’ve been
While I’ve been
It was all
For you
It was all for

I stare at your
Try to see through
Your disguise
Trying to find
Somewhere inside.

I know
We’ve both changed
Nothing could be
The same
I just wish you
Could see
I’m just
a better

You’re someone new
I know I am too
And it secretly thrills me
It openly kills me.

(c) 2008

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  1. Wow, this is very true — it’s scary but oddly comforting when someone else changes completely. Like they aren’t the person you once loved, but you also feel better that they’ve changed. It makes both you and them feel more human, somehow, more real.
    People change, things change. It’s what happens. It can be sad, it can be happy.
    But changes happen.


  2. This is beautiful. It is so hard when people we love change, or if we are the ones to change. Somehow there’s no going back. Learning how to adjust to this constant change has been one of the biggest challenges of my entire life. I wish it were easier. thank for for so effectively putting the struggle to words.


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