Tell me about yourself award

Nominees, in order to accept this award you must:
– Thank and link back to the person who awarded you – thank you much, Elizadolly (an amazing woman).
– Write seven random things about yourself
– Award seven other awesome and inspiring bloggers.

I’m half-convinced that somebody out there is setting me up with all these awards. It’s very unexpected. Seven more things about me? I’m going to start repeating myself. My memory’s bad enough as it is.

1. I have a ‘thing’ for movie soundtracks. I spend a lot of time reading about them online and downloading them. I don’t know what the attraction is, I just like listening to an album and following a sort of story with the music.

2. I’d love to learn Russian, but don’t actually have the motivation. I think it’s a gorgeous language, but I’m convinced I’ll fail before I even try. I do this a lot with things.

3. I’ve looked out of a window on a moving train while listening to music, and pretended I’m in a music video. Don’t tell me you’ve never done this.

4. I used to buy books just to look cool. As a book-lover, the very idea horrifies me, but in my early teens I felt I had to live up to my bookworm/geek status and impress people with my extensive reading list. I did read a lot, and got through a lot of classics, but I do still have books on my shelf which were bought just for show, and which I’ve never read. I should probably read them now, since I no longer care.

5. I have absolutely no concept of the space my body takes up in the world, and as a result don’t have a single item of clothing which fits. I buy everything too big, or too small, having no idea how they look in relation to my physical self. I find it difficult putting my hand on my belly, because I’m always convinced it’s somewhere else. It’s like I can’t connect with how I am physically, after so many years of eating disorders.

6. There’s no point in me buying jewellery, because I’ll lose it within hours. Despite this, I spend too much money on necklaces and rings, because I like wearing them. I need to learn.

7. I haven’t used my walking stick yet. I’ll feel like such a twat using it.

Nominating seven bloggers is going to be difficult, simply because I don’t want to keep repeating the same names and being accused of favouritism; I worry a lot, shoot me.

So I’m going to nominate the seven bloggers who have recently supported me or offered me helpful advice, or who have simply been good blog friends. People I really appreciate, and have a lot of respect for.

1. Ryoko861

2. iamnotshe

3. Fiona

4. Sweating Through Fog

5. Tiny Temper

6. MissPistachio

7. faithhopechocolate

Some of these blogs are new to me, and I’ve been moved by the support the writers have given in my recent post about chronic illness.

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  1. Oh, wow! Thank-you so much. It was the sexy slippers that did it, wasn’t it? :-)

    I meant what I said, though, we have to stick together and secondly, you really, really should think about writing a book.

    I know what you mean about the walking stick – I may end up having to get one – but, why not make it a feature by covering it with stickers or pink, furry material or something just as daft. That way, anyone who looks at your stick knows you’d rather be defined by your wonderful sense of fun rather than a disability.

    I’m honoured though, thanks – what do we call you? A psudonym is fine, but I really, really can’t call you Halfway or In The Gutter :-)


    • A name? I’ve never really considered it before. Most just call me Halfway. My nickname is Twitch, if you would like to call me that?

      As for writing a book; perhaps. One day, if I ever get the courage and motivation. And the stick… I already made sure I got a funky one (black with flowers) but I’m just convinced people will think I’m even more slobby and pathetic than they already do. I’m struggling a lot to find confidence in the way I look at the moment, and I’m worried I’ll just look like an old bag lady with a stick.


  2. Thank you! I’m honored that you chose me

    #2 I’m like that playing the piano. I would love to learn, but do I HAVE to take lessons? Ugh.
    #3 up above….yep, I do it!
    #4 I’m not a reader. It makes me sleepy. Doesn’t matter what the content, I’ll fall asleep within minutes.
    #6 I’m a putz too when it comes to jewelry. Luckily none of what I’ve lost is very valuable.


  3. I’ve made an effort to watch a film because of its soundtrack before now. Road To Perdition was the most recent one, borrowed the DVD from a work colleague because the music is just awesome and the film itself is too.

    Another thing I’ve drawn a parallel to you with is the being in a music video. Only with me, it’s when I’m walking, rather than being on a train.

    One of my LiveJournal friends has a userpic which reads “Music is my boyfriend”. I know you have S, and I don’t need a boyfriend what with going to be a nun, but it seems perfectly appropriate, doesn’t it? Plus music is just a good way of regrouping or forgetting. I’ve a few albums that I stick on repeat on my ipod when having a bad day and it grounds me again.


    • I have an insane love for music. I actually spent the past two days re-arranging almost a TB worth of music on my external drive, so I can play it on my PS3 without folders being all over the place. I treat music like my baby; I’m terrified of the idea of going deaf, because I’ve lived my entire life through music, you know? I know thousands of lyrics off by heart, it’s a true love of mine.

      And S knows ;)


      • I was intending on simply re-installing Windows XP completely on my laptop (it’s currently got a partition with XP on and a partition with Linux Ubuntu on) but sadly my display is now dying (it has a vertical line of dead pixels about 2 inches from the left) so that’s going to mean a whole new laptop before I go to the order. This is good because it means I can have a better laptop with a much bigger memory for putting music onto my ipod with!

        I find learning words easy if there’s a rhythm or if it’s to music. I find it so easy to learn new music (at church or in choirs or wherever) that it frustrates me when other people can’t do it. I’m clearly some sort of musical savant!


  4. Oh, and thank you for the nomination by the way. Dimwit that I am right now I forgot to post.

    I have a two knitting-related comments you might like:

    You can have my knitting needles when you pry them from my cold, dead hands

    I knit so I don’t kill people


      • If you want interesting and (more importantly) free patterns, you can sign up to – which is a knitter’s community sort of site, or you can just sign up to and one that’s fairly new to me is Bernat Yarns (not sure of their website off the top of my head) but certainly with the Lion Brand and Bernat they have stacks of free patterns of simple to complicated things just there for the taking.

        My favourite yarn shop ever is Stash Fine Yarns ( because I get to go there every lunch break and sit and knit for 15 minutes and they give me a cuppa. They also give good advice if I’m stuck, and the customer service is great (although as I’m more fixture and fitting than customer I also get friendly abuse). The yarns they sell tend to be the more expensive, but it sometimes is incredibly healing to knit with a pure silk yarn.


  5. Incredible, you certainly are an inspiration. Thank you for following my blog. I am NOW a flower of you. You remind me a more ways than I could possible pat into words of my best friend who sadly pass away a couple of years ago, well before his time.

    I will enjoy reading your posts :)


  6. Thanks for calling me an amazing woman! I’ve never been called that before and it feels kinda cool hehe. I really do love your blog times a million!

    #5 Yes this. Totally 100% this. I blame this for my tendency to walk into walls/door frames/desks all the time. And my wacky body image. The other day I was quite convinced that all the parts of me had different inflatable panels and someone was adjusting them in the middle of the night. Ok so that sounds crazy. But it’s just so amazing that my ‘shape’ can seem to change so much from one day to the next.

    And obviously I am a huge supporter of item one. Musical theater! Haha but also soundtracks. I particularly love the music from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Corpse Bride. LOVE! I’m equally fond of music from TV shows. It’s kinda lame, but I tend to love anything that’s been on Scrubs or Grey’s Anatomy.

    Ok cool yay thanks for accepting! I love your facts!!


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