Painfully Breaking

Talking to myself,
the last retreat of the crazy.

Drowning out the sound,
the voice of my heart breaking.

The aching,
I can’t explain
where life has led me,
why everything
is so far away.

My mouth can only speak to myself.

I scream
in silence.

(c) 2008.

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  1. Have you ever read The Four Agreements- Don Miguel.Ruiz., it’s based on Toltec wisdom
    If everyone lived by this book (it’s not that big) vice some of the other books the world would be a much better place. Him and Eckhart tolle are good reads when the mind needs some quieting.

    here’s a link to description and they list the 4 agreements below but the book is worth the read.


  2. It seems there are many more people talking to themselves now– in supermarket aisles and everywhere…you think they might be disturbed, until you see the Bluetooth thing in their ear.
    (Doesn’t mean they’re not disturbed, though.)

    So don’t feel out of place,,,no one will notice!


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