Skinny Versus Curvy: Why Women Can Never Win


Found this post whilst reading through blogs this morning, trying to distract myself from eating a mountain of toast. It’s a subject I think about a lot, and the author has managed to put it across far better than I could. I suggest that any woman struggling with body image and/or eating disorders gives it a read.

Originally posted on Mary McGill:

Ladies: it’s time to put down those sparkly shoes and pick up your shields, for the battle of the body types rages on and you’ve simply got to choose a size, sorry, side. No, no – no dithering. You’re either one or the other and before you starting rambling on about ‘healthy body image’ just shut it. ‘Healthy body image’ doesn’t whip up a media frenzy the way ‘skinny versus curvy’ does, so you can park that notion, thank you very much.

Discover a Lovelier You (Woman Alive, 1972)

What’s it going to be, women folk: the skinny tribe of supermodels and disordered eaters or the curvy tribe of so-called normal women and celebrities who can’t hack diet pills anymore? Hey – why the long faces at my ridiculous over-simplification of female body types? Are you seriously suggesting that women’s bodies cannot be categorized as one of two things? Of course you are… and you are…

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  1. I’ve decided to respond, with deference, by simply eliminating 3/5 ths of your words and adding none of my own. (I did change some punctuation and capitalization, and for that, and only that, I apologize)

    Put down those shields, the battle rages on and you’ve got to choose a size.

    Dithering? You’re rambling about image. Just shut up!

    Frenzy curvy park notion.

    Thank you very much.


  2. It saddens me to see stories like this. Its hard enough to try and keep up with “whats in” with body images. I would like every one to be healthy and most of all happy. Dont believe the hype. Just be the best person you can be. And theirs more then skinny and curvy. If you are skinny to large and anywhere in between, just be yourself.


  3. Be happy being you. I ain’t feeding into that stupid magazine bull shit. I look the way I want to. I’ll be the size I am and if people have a problem with it, what they gonna do. Talk? The question would be are you happy with your size/shape? Me, I got more important shit to worry about like bills, baby, house, car, whisky, my health etc. Great post Halfway but I think that vs. shit is silly. Be you.


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