You vs. I (or, The Battle With Myself)

You vs. I;

was never supposed to be a war.

We stood together,

yet always apart.


I think I love you,

but how can I be sure?


I slipped, you see,

I let us both down.


You vs. I;

and how can we win the battle?


When we are one and the same?


I’m sorry.


(c) 2012


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Bluebell Books


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  1. A sad and beautiful poem. Have you tried getting any of these published? This one would be, I think, if you find the right publisher. Try “Poet’s Market,” the essential book for poets looking to get their work out to the public. Just lovely.


  2. To be honest, I am not very intrigued by this one. It is rather trivial, if not false. All of us are not a simple, single unit as concerns what we call ‘personality’, ‘character’, ‘self’, or ‘I’. There is no centre in the brain where everything comes together. Even most philosophers – many of whom are prone to continue to cling to empirically disproven concepts – abandoned the once intriguing concept of the Cartesian Theatre.
    This poem is not written poorly, to be sure. Indeed, I have read many bad ones, and this one does not belong to them. In my view, you have written better texts than this one, however.


    • Thanks for the constructive critisim (and apologies for the awful spelling; I wasn’t planning on writing anything today) – I think it’s the first true judgement of a poem I’ve received.

      However, the poem isn’t about personality and self as such, but about something I wrote about a few posts back. I think maybe I should have linked to it, but I was wary to do so as I was linking it to a rally and didn’t want to get too personal. I’ve found that people naturally seem to shy away from the less attractive sides of life unless they’re aware that’s what this blog is mainly about. I wasn’t sure that putting “bulimia” in great big letters would have gained readers.

      Again, thanks for the comment. It’s made me think.


  3. I enjoyed reading this and I have to say it kind of hit a little close to home. I’ve been there, done that and it took awhile, but I finally won over that part of myself and yes, sometimes it did feel like I had two distinct personalities inside myself fighting for dominance. Both wanting me to be healthy, but both going about it the wrong way. Took a while but both sides finally agreed on the right path to take. Job well done. Be blessed.


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