You. Me. Us. Free… we’re alright, alright.

Just over a week seems like such a long time away from writing here, and I feel a bit guilty for not putting the time in. Between a holiday to Wales with S, a trip to A&E/hospital, withdrawal from celebrex and general fatigue, it’s just felt like too much effort. I’ll explain the trip to hospital when I have the energy and manage to stop playing Heavy Rain for more than five minutes, and write about the holiday when I can.

I’m okay though. Just tired.

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  1. Hello sweet friend,

    Below is the link to details about the Sunshine award I am bestowing upon you. I want to put a bright spark of love into your heart. know that there are those that care but who also do ot ever want to be a burden.

    This is just to hopeful make you smile. To tell you how much you sharing your time and story’s about S means to us. That you do trust us. Please do not feel obligated to do a thing here but smile. There is no expectation. Just a solid for you kind a thing.

    Details about the award are here:


  2. I’ve wondered why I haven’t seen your name in my inbox. I hope your holiday was fantastic, that getting off the Celebrex works as you want it to, that being in the hospital wasn’t too horrible, and that you get the rest you need. Thinking of you!


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