This is how I procrastinate

With having chronic pain and being unemployed, I spend a lot of time indoors, wondering what to do with myself. Television has never been a big interest of mine, so I don’t have that outlet like many others do. Over the years I’ve gone through many time-wasting phases, mostly involving computer games.

The biggest time wasters in the past have been Age Of Empires (I was addicted for years), Spore and the Thief series. I’ve tried other hobbies, and I do have other interests – knitting, reading, writing, poker, music – but my attentions will always be drawn to gaming.

Over the past few months, I’ve been playing The Sims 3 incessantly, and building houses. It’s my favourite waste of time. I’ve been working on this house for a couple of night now:

A psychologist would have a lot to say about my obsession.


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  1. Lovely pieces — you should be designing houses, or at least greeting cards. I’ll bet you could do some really terrific handmade Christmas Cards, and sell them! Very nice! Love from the coast of Maine, where it turned cold again this afternoon!


  2. I like all those games! lol I guess we share that in common as well, how we pass our time. My current fix is a mix between SWTOR and WordPress. But i am getting a bit bored. I have a habbot of looking for an addictive game then playing it till i notice i am doing nothing else. And i eventually get bored with it. I don’t know what i am looking to do with my free time but atleast you have S , i don’t have the luxury of haveing someone like that around me. Game on good lady ;)


  3. Oh I like what Judithatwood said.. you can turn your love of this gaming into a money making plan..
    I’m sure it tales skill to do this and I am very uncoordinated when it comes to architecture and such..
    Keep us posted on the final house plans!


  4. Great house you’ve done! I like Sims too, but I’m really bad at designing houses. I like to create a bookworm, and then sit and chainsmoke cigarettes while I watch him get smarter and smarter. It’s so peaceful. Remember most psychologists needs therapy themself!


  5. I think its amazing trhat you have a way to keep your self busy, atleast some thing is better then doing notrhing and getting bored. I my self am a big addict of games especially sims and like kind games so i can completely understand your obsession, i still remember when i had a whole week of starting to play sims on my xbox at 6 in the morning and continued at a stretch till 7 in the evening without any break and food lol
    and I must say you have done a great job on the house, it looks amazing :)


  6. I do the same thing!! Haha. I blatantly play it for the building, and buy the expansion packs purely for the “stuff” that comes with them and not the actual game play.
    Great house!!
    I have started messing with making patterns and uploading them to the Sims 3 store now. That does burn some hours, and like you, I do it to try and take my mind off chronic pain. And I’m also drawn to gaming:- Poker, xbox, age of empires, WoW, etc. Girl gamers unite! :)


    • I don’t even buy the expansion packs, I download loads of stuff from The Sims Resource because I’m cheap :D

      I’ll have to check out some of your patterns ;) I haven’t tried making any yet. I did download the World builder but it crashed and I gave up. It’s probably a good thing; I’m already spending 90% of my life building imaginary things.

      It does work for pain, doesn’t it? Looking back, I think that’s why I became so addicted to AOE. It had me so engrossed that I didn’t have to think. I’m having huuuuge problems trying to get it to work on Windows 7 though; most games I can work around and figure something out, but this one… gah. I miss it so much. I made my boyfriend download it and I’m determined to play against him.


  7. I love your Sim House! It looks like you have a real gift for design.
    Before having kids I spent a lot of time on The Sims, building houses. I even went and bought myself some proper Auto Cad software so I could do it properly (I’d love to be an architect, but I never really got beyond the stick person and square house with swirly smoke coming out of the chimney stage of drawing)
    Then I had kids and didn’t have the time to learn the software properly. It’s still on my future to-do list though.


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