Moving forwards

I’ve been on Lyrica and Celebrex for three days now, and I think the Lyrica started working today. I noticed I don’t have any muscle spasms – for the first time in months – and apart from a day of dizziness (similar to being high as a kite; quite a good feeling) I’ve had no side-effects. I’ve always reacted quickly to drugs, so it’s entirely possible it’s starting to work. The lack of twitches and jerks is noticeable, and for the first time in ages I had a calm, restful sleep last night.

Celebrex is working wonderfully this time. It didn’t seem to make a difference when I was first given it for neck pain a couple of years ago, but it’s taken a lot of my ankle swelling down, and my fingers don’t seem anywhere near as painful. I didn’t even have backache when I woke up yesterday.

S has been ill with a virus and we’ve spent the weekend in bed together, watching trashy televison. Programmes about Australian customs and British police shows; the sort of stuff I never normally watch, but which seems perfect when it’s a quiet weekend with little to do but listen to S cough and fight off infection. He’s worried I’ll catch it – I catch every illness going – but so far I seem okay, and I figure it’ll be worth it after getting to spend the weekend cuddled up with nobody to bother or disturb us.

S and I… we’ve been together for fifteen months, and things couldn’t be more perfect. In fact, it’s looking like we may still find somewhere to live; a friend of his lost his grandad a few months ago and his grandmother can’t cope on her own anymore, so the family have found her a nursing home. There’s a chance we may be able to rent her flat, from his friend’s mother. It’s a lovely place; in a huge, tall building in quite a well-to-do area outside the town centre. If we do get it, the kitchen and bathroom will probably be refitted and the flat will be redecorated; so it will be like moving into a new place rather than the quite old-fashioned home it is now. There’s no garden, but there’s a small patch of grass out front and a personal stairway outside which has a canopy, and it’s only half an hour’s walk to the park. Fingers crossed.

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  1. At the risk of sounding sort of weird, I really enjoy reading your stuff. I understand that much of it deals with how you go about managing your pain and so it seems odd and maybe somewhat cruel to compliment the creative work going on here.

    But I really like your writing!

    You have a strong an genuine voice in your writing and your posts are always a pleasure to read. The personal presence that comes through is something I find inspirational and I hope to someday implant myself into my writing as effectively as you do here. I look forward to your posts and reading up on your struggles and adventures…

    …as odd as that might seem. :)


  2. I’m so glad you’ve found something that works for you. I hope it continues to work :)

    I love this article. It’s so much about life taking a turn for the better, and so full of hope. That’s not something I read very often in your articles, if you know what I mean. :P

    Doesn’t this give you a reason to want to be well? :D


  3. I couldn’t handle the dizziness with Lyrica. Glad you can. I think I would prefer to be high properly LOL. I hope you get that granny flat. Keeping my fingers crossed. I hope they are not tossing us into nursing homes one day.


    • Hah, it is a funny sort of dizziness; I think I can only cope with it because I’ve had so many narcotics and opiates over the years that it almost seems tame compared. It’s not an entirely nice feeling though, and I feel for you; I felt horrible the first day.

      Thanks for the crossed fingers; I really need this to happen. I’ve had too many disappointments when it comes to finding somewhere to live. I’m against nursing home personally – what happened to taking care of our elders? – but his grandmother is very ill with arthritis, so she does need more care than the family can give. It’s just a shame.


      • OMG, big time! My son is going through a similar scene as you are. He’s over coming some injuries from an auto accident two years ago and lost the sight in one eye. The other eye is coming back and thankfully, he’s driving again. Short distances, but it takes time. He desperately wants to move out. But with the limited sight it’s a tough go at the moment finding a job. So I’ll say to you what I say to him: “Patience. It’ll all work out in the end!” I know, it’s driving you crazy! :D


  4. Love with a hearty hurrah, my dear, for the success the medicines provide! I’m sorry about the apartment — I have not word one for advice on that, because I am sitting here looking at mine, and getting sadder and sadder. Why should the state of my apartment shatter me so? Don’t know, but I can’t even get off my butt to straighten it up. How sad is that?

    Good for you with the Celebrex and the Lyrica! Sorry to be such a bummer today. 8-(


    • It’s not sad at all. I’ve been putting off tidying my bedroom for ages now. I finally tackled it today and I feel silly now for avoiding it. It wasn’t that bad really… I know how hard it is though. When things get messy, it can be hard to stop it spiralling out of control.

      I’ll get out of this place soon. If we don’t get this flat, we’ll just have to rent elsewhere; somewhere smaller and more expensive, but I can’t live here any longer.

      Thank you, and love right back x


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