A letter from Stephen Fry, and Pinterest

I finally managed to get a Pinterest account last night, thanks to another blogger; about time too! I’ve been trying to join for ages but it’s never accepted invitations.

I have no idea what I’m doing; I just know it’s addictive. I can’t stop clicking. Damn my need to join in.

I’m waiting to go to town with my mother. Thursday is shopping day (also the day my benefits go into the bank) and for as long as I can remember, I’ve always helped her. I think in a way it’s a habit of hers; she’s always done it, so she continues. I do also wonder if perhaps she has some form of agoraphobia. She’s never really socialised much, and stays in the house most of the week. We used to go for walks together, but our combined aches and pains have put paid to that.

We also have to go to the garden centre outside town… I’m dreading it. I can’t pretend to enjoy wandering around looking at plants.


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  1. The whole reason I have not got an account is because I do not want to become a “pinhead”. Hahahaha! That is what I call people who have a Pinterest account in jest. One of my best friends is on it ALL the TIME. So, I tease her about it. She gets a kick out of it. I am so happy I stopped myself. Too much going on else in my life to devote to all the fun that would surely come with it. :) Have a great day! >HUGS<


  2. I just learned what pinterest is from this blog. LOL. In response to your post though, about the depression, I have a psychotherapist now, because I deal with a lot of things, like bipolar1. I also have a “disconnect” from my true feelings to the extent that it’s coming out in convulsions. Weird. Anyway, she had me do this exercise about looking into myself and having compassion on myself, and out of nowhere I saw sadness. I was then able to express why I was sad. I know sadness is totally different from depression, but it was a cool exercise. I just wonder if those exercises would work for me in my depressive modes.


  3. I daren’t go near Pintrest.

    And I love Stephen Fry; he’s one of the most eloquent people in the world. If I could go out to dinner with anyone (for conversation purposes) then he’d be at the top of the list, providing of course he’s having a good day (as I wouldn’t be so cruel as to insist he goes out if he’d rather stay in hiding under his duvet).


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