It’s finally cooled down a little. The breeze from the sea has picked up, and I’m no longer wilting. I don’t know if I can take much more of this heat; I have an appointment to get my ankle scanned at the hospital tomorrow, and the idea of another hot, sweaty day – especially if I have to sit for a while in the tiny, cramped waiting room – is almost unbearable. Usually I’d meet S for a coffee in his break, but this appointment’s at 9am; so it’s unlikely we’ll see each other.

After some encouragement, I’ve finally set up a Facebook account/page for Halfway Between the Gutter. Over the last few weeks I’ve had a lot of visitors from Facebook; others have linked to my posts, I assume. I’m thinking maybe it’ll be a way to chat with other bloggers without having to sacrifice being anonymous.

My personal account

“Like” blog page

You can also like the blog page with the widget on the right hand side.

I’ve also had a photograph featured on Broken Light Collective; a community of photographers living with mental illness.

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  1. Let me start by saying I am not FB smart. Yes I have a personal page there so that I can stay in touch with my sons. I went and “liked” your fan page. Now here is the silly question, what does a fan page do for your blog? Just curious, cause if its something amazing I might want one..lol :)


  2. Sorry you’ve got ankle problems, and hopefully there’s a quick answer without an MRI!

    Luckily for me, the new hospital facility in town is nice….for a hospital. Comfortable enough with lots of room, and quite a few support employees to facilitate a smooth running operation. I must admit, they’re not too bad with at least staying within an hour of the appointment.

    After relating your experience with the MRI, I am hopeful you are not speaking of yet, another MRI.

    Hopeful you get quick results.

    I’m going to refrain from Facebook as, like Google, privacy is less respected than most sites.


    • Thanks Dave! I have severe tendonitis in my left foot/ankle, and it’s taken forever to get any treatment. Nightmare. Hopefully it won’t mean another MRI (I had an untrasound today), but I’ll probably need cortisone injections. Yeep.

      I’m glad your hospital is nice. Ours is quite outdated; very 70’s, very drab and depressing. The staff seem to mostly be tired of working there, and don’t really engage with you that well, bar a few fantastic doctors and consultants. My boyfriend works in the lab there, and he gives me the gossip!

      I don’t blame you for staying away from Facebook. Luckily I’ve never had a privacy problem, but then I’m not too concerned what people know, I suppose. I’m certainly not comfortable with Google at the moment though. I have nothing to hide… but it’s just wrong how they’ve been taking details without permission.


      • I am hopeful you get some good treatment, soon. Has your GP sent you forward to a Specialist?

        Severe tendonitis is quite difficult to live with, as the pain can be excessive as you well know. And yes, I did get some very temporary relief w/cortisone but, everyone’s different. Maybe it will be just what you need. Let’s hope so.


        • Aye, I’m being seen by both a physiotherapist and a rheumatologist for it. There’s a chance arthritis could be causing wear to the tendon, and the physio is working on stretching it out for me… it’s downright horrible having it done, I have to admit.

          Temporary relief will suit me, I suppose; anything’s worth a try right now. If you don’t mind me asking, how long have you had problems with it?


  3. I hope that your ankle feels better soon. I have a niece who has tendonitis in her feet and had to wear casts on both for about six weeks. Not fun. You need a squirt bottle to take with you to the ER next time. Think of all the trouble you could cause in the name of staying cool . . . .


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