Pierced portrait

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  1. Love from me, glad to see you! Your have stunning eyes, love — and those lashes! I know women who would sell their souls for eyes like yours! You are beautiful, my friend, and you must be beginning to believe it, because I don’t recall any closeups of your face before. This deserves a celebration — I’m going to pull the shade, put on some music, and dance!


  2. I miss my wife’s nose piercing. She had to take it out when she started working. I always thought it complimented her beauty. She is still beautiful without it though. I also understand the problem with long eyelashes. During the times I was deployed to Iraq in the summer, the sweat would always end up on my lashes, and subsequently the interior portion if my Oakley M-Frame lens. Not cool by temperature and reduced visibility.


  3. I’ve only started reading your blog. I’m sixteen, and haven’t met anyone who I’ve been able to identify with before. I found your blog, ( I can’t remember how) but as I started reading, I felt like you were describing me. You really are a beautiful woman. I adore your freckles. (:


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