… and I won’t hide away for nobody.

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  1. OMG…. I don’t know what it is about you, and the piercings, and how the picture is taken… but you really look beautiful. The piercings work, the skin colour… I don’t know, you’re just beautiful. Don’t ever, ever hide, you’re great the way you are


  2. Wow! You are just aas gorgeous on the outside as you are on the inside. Sweetie you knock my socks off! I have come to know a bit about you over this last year through blogging, now having your pretty face to go with your words is real gift. Now I know whose eyes I am talking to. And amazing eyes they are at that. You are as they would have said in my day, “A Stunning Looker!!”

    Much love to you and I’m so proud of your courage~ BB


  3. Oh God. You confuse me yet again. So I’ve been considering this photo with the last one that you put up. In this, you look so Beautiful! Your face is longer in this, eyes more made-up and defined, and yeah, you don’t look as young as you did in that last photo!

    You look like a Very Beautiful Indian girl. Yeah, you look Indian, for some reason :P


  4. You’re quite fetching. I heartily approve of how you’re dealing with the breach of trust that damaged your anonymity. Better to charge into the trouble than let the malice of others rule you.


  5. Never hide away from the world. No one can ever love you better than you can love yourself. You are unique and different. If the world has a problem with that, just simply smile and keep going about your business. People that judge other people normally have low self-esteem or are just too damn egotistic to realize and see their own flaws.


  6. Hi Halfway,

    What an intense, sublime blog.

    Over on our blog, “I Rez, Therefore I Am”


    we’re launching a new section “The World Today” which is a small collection of peeps posting a photo anywhere between once a day and once a week, about any subject: self-portrait, food, landscape, etc…

    with the one “requirement” that the photo be taken “Today” (ish) so that when peeps look at it they’re getting our little taste of what’s being seen thru our eyes on planet earth today.

    I found your blog because of this beautiful self-portrait and wanted, want, to ask if you’d like to contribute.

    But after reading your blog… well, I’m sure you’re plenty busy with life and your own blog and everything else, but our blog really focuses a lot on Identity, and it seems like you might have an amazing guest post or few in you…

    I guess take a look at iRez and see if you might be interested in contributing a few photos or a few words or even a bit of each. If you do find yourself interested, we’d really love to have you participate.

    Oh, and the words or pix don’t necessarily have to be exclusive to us, they could also appear here or wherever, they are your words / pix, after all.

    You’re doing a great job Halfway,




  7. Hi. Just yesterday I was listening to my local Christian radio (I belong to a church which focuses much on health) and heard a fella say that we so often hear of those things which contribute greatly to strengthening our immune systems…(I know you are vegetarian so you know what I’m talking about :) ) things like diet, exercise, good sleep habits, plenty of water etc, but he said something I had never considered before. He said that right up there with all those more commonly known good things, is to have good relationships. To socialise. To spend time with people who affirm, encourage, and say positive stuff about their own and others lives. So, one guess as to why you are coping so much better since blogging? Keep it up. You’re doin great.


    • I do think it’s one of the major reasons why I’m coping better; relationships have long been an awkward part of my life and I’ve had the habit of damaging them without really knowing why. As a result, I’ve lost a lot of friends, and my social life has suffered massively over the years. Being around others – even if online – does help. Even if I don’t want it to sometimes.

      Thank you very much for your comment, Brakelite. Nice to know you know where I’m coming from :)


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