Short Story Slam Week 24: Life Behind The Corners of Your Smiles

I do have another half-written post lurking in drafts (I’m actually going to publish that one!) but I woke up to an invite from Bluebell Books to take part in the Short Story Slam, and since I decided a while ago to write the short story/poem/haiku in “real time”, I’m going to grab any inspiration I have. Even though I’m still half asleep and haven’t drunk any coffee yet. Eeesh.





Twenty-seven now,

I hold onto childhood;

it’s all I have left.


Your photo album

was never like mine, you see;

no photographs left.


No childhood smile,

forever trapped on paper;

she didn’t take them.


No need for pictures,

it was all etched in my mind;

how could she have known?


My mother and I,

forever at cross purposes;

but I love her still.


(c) 2012.


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