Got me on some medication

As of Friday, I’m back on the methotrexate/folic acid. I can’t say I’m looking forward to the side-effects again, and the thought of going back to spending the weekend wrapped in a blanket, simultaneously freezing cold and boiling hot, fighting down nausea and being more fluffy-headed thinking than usual is bringing me down. There’s already been so much sickness.

But what can I do? I made the decision to take the drugs.

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  1. Hello — love from a cloudy, drizzly day in Maine. That is a hard decision — which is worse, the condition or the treatment? Do you keep a medication journal? That is a newer idea I just heard about — a journal especially dedicated to meds and side effects, so you can show the doctor how much pain, nausea, etc., how often, how long after taking meds. This is supposed to be a good resource for doctors to finely-tailor medication prescriptions. Also, you will have that record, to help you to make decisions. Worth considering. I hope things get better, soon. Big hugs!


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