I’m hoping that eventually my promise to keep up with this blog will come good. For now… perhaps not. Everything feels hectic. Recent comments I have received on old posts have knocked my confidence. I’m just still so tired.

I have an appointment with my GP early tomorrow morning. S is asleep right now, full of cold. Bed seems to be the answer. As usual.

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  1. Have you seen the movie the Beaver? Its with mel gibson. Its on Netflix in Canada. not sure if Netflix has made it across the pond yet. But anyways watching it today made me think of all I know who suffer from depression in one manner or another. I feel for you. and hope you ignore those who are only out there knock others down. you dont have to allow their comments to stay. You are the blog master. you can delete them. you can moderate them and mark them as spam if they are truly vile. blog for you and everyone who enjoys your blog enjoys it because you are being you. Dont blog to impress.


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