First World Problems

Today was the day of the iPod disaster. When I say disaster, I mean minor problem, but it annoyed me nonetheless. After waking up around 2pm and still feeling like fibro had kicked me repeatedly in the night, I decided to tidy my iTunes music collection up. First I tackled the missing cover art; thousands of tracks, all missing artwork. After getting it down to 2000 tracks without art, I gave up and accepted I was never going to have the patience to go through each individual track, just to satisfy my occasional obsessive-compulsive behaviour. 2000 out of over 20,000 isn’t bad, right?

So, with dreams of a nice tidy music collection washing over me (and the knowledge of a day entirely wasted), I went to sync my iPod. Here lay the problem.

121.76gb of music will never fit on a 120gb iPod. Never. No matter how much I beg, plead, and pretend it will.

Fuck’s sake.