You vs. I (or, The Battle With Myself)

You vs. I;

was never supposed to be a war.

We stood together,

yet always apart.


I think I love you,

but how can I be sure?


I slipped, you see,

I let us both down.


You vs. I;

and how can we win the battle?


When we are one and the same?


I’m sorry.


(c) 2012


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Bluebell Books


We’ve Changed

All these emotions
Are now leaving
Everything I thought
I believed in
Replaced by someone
Something new
A different me
A different you.

You don’t look
The same
Your touch
Has changed
Your eyes
Are now colder
Your face
Is now older.

I feel
Your skin
But it’s not you
I feel
Your touch
But it’s changed
So much
I taste
Your kiss
But these aren’t
Your lips
You have changed
And I’m not
The same
person I was
I shut her out
I closed the door
I resented her
She had to go
I left behind
Everything I know.

I look at you
In tears
I swallow
My fears
I know
We’ve both changed
But you’re just
Not the same.

And while I’ve been
While I’ve been
It was all
For you
It was all for

I stare at your
Try to see through
Your disguise
Trying to find
Somewhere inside.

I know
We’ve both changed
Nothing could be
The same
I just wish you
Could see
I’m just
a better

You’re someone new
I know I am too
And it secretly thrills me
It openly kills me.

(c) 2008

A Thousand Questions

I sat alone tonight.


Incense burning.

For the first time,
I can’t stand the music,
they sing words which fit
too well.

I want to confess but the words won’t flow,
and it fills me with fear to lay myself so bare.

I was alone tonight.

Still feeling pressure where your fingers
touched me.

Your taste
on my lips.

Your smell
on my skin.

I want to admit, but it makes me afraid,
it’s all so unpredictable and you’re in control.

I will sleep alone tonight.

Holding tight to memories.

Reading your messages.

Holding on.

I need to speak, but fear keeps me silent,
I want to find a table and lay my cards down for you.

Tonight, I will be alone.

Lulled by tiny blue pills
and imagining your arms holding me, like before.

I want to ask
a thousand questions.

And I’m afraid
of the answers.

(c) 2008.

Llandudno Beach

You stroked your hands across my back
As I remembered pebbles on the beach
How your mouth tasted of salt and sea
How for a moment, it was just you and me.

Stones beneath our feet that day
Words carried away on the wind
We could see right to the edge of the sky
Hand in hand, you and I.

You held me close as tears fell
But you felt so far away
Taste of the ocean in my eyes,
You tasted every tear I cried.

A memory of crashing waves
I still hear the seagulls cry
I look at you now with fear on my face
Wanting only to be back in that place.

And now pebbles shift beneath our feet
Sinking sand keeps us miles apart
I reach to you but you turn away
As though nothing happened betweeen us that day.

On the beach where pebbles grow
Where the waves whisper our names
On that beach, on that day
I loved you in every possible way.

I love you now as I loved you then
And though the pebbles have worn smooth
Eroded by our years together
Pebbles, like beaches, can still last forever.

(c) 2008.

10 Day You Challenge – ten secrets

1. I will always find women more attractive than men, but I find men easier and more rewarding to love. I’m am still unsure of my sexuality.

2. I smoke in bed. My sheets are covered in tobacco and smudges of ash. I stay awake at night to smoke pot.

3. I suspect I have had more sex than most women my age. I have slept with much older men, I have had one-night stands. I had sex with a woman in the toilets of a club when I was seventeen. The sexual side of my relationship with my ex-fiance often involved BDSM, consensual violence and blood play. I’ve used sex to justify my existence. I have sex on the first date.

4. Sometimes I lie, without even knowing it.

5. I stash empty crisp packets and food wrappers down the side of my bed, so nobody knows I binge eat.

6. It’s not a secret, but I take a lot of medication I don’t need. I go to different pharmacies to buy co-codamol so nobody suspects I have a constant craving for opiates. I take antihistamines for the drowsy side-effects. I scour labels on cough medicine to find the ones with sedatives in. I enjoy the feeling of being under a chemical cosh, I find life without opiates too fast and confusing. I never wanted to be someone who never took drugs; I want to experience everything once.

7. I find it impossible to keep friendships. I start off meaning well, but I inevitably become introverted and nervous, and stop contacting them. I come across as cold, but I just can’t bring myself to fully trust a friend, and eventually it seems better to let the friendship go. I’m scared of friendship.

8. I often wish I lived in my dreams. The world I dream about is so much brighter and more beautiful than this one. Magical things happen. I have recurring, lucid dreams, and over the years I’ve built towns and cities in my head, places I visit every night. I could draw a map of them, they’re so real to me. I think it’s partly the medication and partly the pot which fuels these dreams. I’d feel lost without them; I’ve been visiting those places for so, so long.

9. I cannot play any instrument. Not a single one. Nor can I sing.

10. Sometimes I feel like I’m behind a glass wall. I don’t feel part of anything; almost like I’m out of my body and watching the world pass by without any real involvement. I have constant deja-vu, in places I’ve never been before. Some places elict such strong emotions in me that I want to cry, Yet I’ve never been there. It’s like I’m always out of step.





I stand alone,
but not quite secluded,
in a comfortable peace I never knew I could feel.

I consider.

All that I could be
if I just tried harder.

Everything I used to be,
something I now regret.

Who I am,
and who I’ve let down.

I stand at the window,
a different place than it ever used to be,
something so wrong, turned so right.

5 minutes past midnight
with tiny lights above my head.

A long-empty bottle to remind me,
and a cigarette,
as always.

Forgive me.

My thoughts turn to you.

To us.

And the things which always
meant more.

Tiny lanterns hang in the sky,
despite it all.